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  • The BakFlip Tonneau Cover

    / Truck Bed Covers are the newest family of hard, folding multi-panel tonneau covers! Choose from 3 models; G2, HD, & the brand-new Bakflip F1 Tonneau Cover. Enjoy all the security of a locking hard tonneau cover while still having instant access to your entire truck bed! The innovative cover folds all the way forward and up against the truck's rear cab (rear window) giving you access to all of your truck bed without removing the cover! The BakFlip is also easily removable with 2 wing nuts and weighs under 40 lbs! PLUS, The BakFlip DOES NOT INTERFERE with stake hole pockets on your truck, so it works perfectly with side rails, headache racks, tie downs, overhead truck racks, and more!
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  • Absolute all season friendly – 100% resistant to rain snow and the elements
  • BakFlip Tonneau Covers can withstand over 300 lbs of evenly distributed weight, depending on model
  • Individual panels lock so that you can drive with them open or closed
  • BakFlip panels are interconnected with a seamless EPDM rubber seal that will outlast your truck and never leak
  • Panels flip open to reveal 100% of the bed if desired
  • The BakFlip Tonneau Cover Installation is easy & once installed, can be removed within 60 seconds!
  • The BakFlip Folding Tonneau Cover locks, offering outstanding security
  • BakFlip sits INSIDE the truck bed rails for an EXTREME low profile look and fit
  • The BakFlip Folding Tonneau Cover is UV protected and will not fade, crack, warp, rust or corrode
  • The BakFlip G2 model is made from dual laminated ABS panels and a honeycomb core with excellent tensile strength and rigidity
  • BakFlip HD models feature all-aluminum panels for greater strength at an even lighter weight
  • The new BakFlip F1 Folding Tonneau Cover is made from a fiberglass-reinforced polymer material with an aluminum backing for maximum strength and light weight
  • Average cover weighs just 40-55 lbs.
  • With up to a 10% improvement in gas mileage, many satisfied customers report that the BakFlip Tonneau Cover pays for itself within a year or two!
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